Rhazar is a insectoid rase that comes from beneeth, said to have been created by the dark god Jhor who wanted to curse the creation of his siblings.

They are legionEdit

The Rhazar is the children of Jhor, a insectoid race with many a apparence and abillitys. Their only goal seem to be to consume and kill, eating anything in their path.


There are many versions of the Rhazar, each with their unic ability. Here is a list of them.

  • Lav (A cocoon chaped insect that attach to the spine and bran with charp extentions and hijack the brain of their hoast, controling them, ofthen placed at the neck area.)
  • Wazt (A bee like swarm that acompany and protect the lav, worker drones to make the area hospitable for the larger Rhazar. Largest one are like big beetels.)
  • Hund (The first and smalest of the infantry. They are the size of medium sized dogs and have a fast spead.)
  • Jaatee (The largest of the infantry, or ofthen artiliry as their large size let them lift large rocks to throw and other things. Spider like legs and powerfulll arms let them do many dextrious things.)
  • Wirm (The largest of the Rhazar, large worms that can consume a house whole, they eat through the ground and are mighty hard to kill, from within can charge an army of smallar Rhazar that hides in it's many internal cavages.)