-Paladin assassin, get's his missions from god. Flashes of people and places he is to go and kill.

-Old dwarv, used to be dungeon builder in his youth for evil people. Now he uses his skills to come in the back door

-Arcane theif, steals ideas and meta things instead of physicals. Tryes to find his way back as a assended being after he fell in love

-Paladin whose godes was trapped in mortal relm in mortal bodey, you have escort mission to take her home to her plain. Your paladin powers are locked away until done?

-Mutant "paladin", raised as dark elf slave in caverns. Blind in light, sees in darkness. Fights like a monk and power though mutations instead of faith.

-Tinkerer with clockwork's. Was thought by a dragon living hidden in a mountain

-En rouge som constant stealthar. Undviker att bli sedd av någon någonssin, komuniserar genom att lämna lappar till partymemenbers eller någon magisk walkitalki (typ wisper spell) Most sneaky ninja evha!

-Warrior that has a living armor that lives a symbiotic life with him. They communicate telepathically? Perhaps the armor is some hive mind where the different parts of the armor has different wills like legion in ME. Even the belonging sword and dagger / crossbow has their own thoughts and wills, cannot take it of as they will both die.

-Playing a sentient cat with a wizard familiar. People get things confused all the time. The cat is of course in charge, the wizard is only there to block damage, get food and scratch behind that annoying spot behind the ears.

-Smoking ninja/wizard. Making smoke magic, and smoking pipe and what not all the times

-Dollmaker, A warlock, mage that has pupets. Looks like cute little chibi dols, doing al the chores, fights and so on. However, they only look cute on the outside, inside they are horid abominations, at few times, one can see the unholy light shimmer in their eyes, or black goo dripping from their mouths. (think FF tacktics / Bravely defoult Cute) The character itself is an old grandmother type in colorfull clothing.

-Your character has partial amnesia, He remembers most of his life to a certain point where he adventured to a dungeon. Of which location is a bit more then fuzzy. Then, dor all intents an perpuses about three years after that is forgotten, and he woke up in his right outside his hometown, not remembering how he got there and without most of his gear.

If he ever finds his way back there. It turns out he is a Clone/robot/Other replacement. And that the "Original" is still at the dungeon, trapped/controlling it all/badguy?

-Old genius builder/tinkerer stuck in a child body. Getting distracted by every shiny little thing and have a hard time concentrating at all.

-A charisma build that lacks charisma,,, hear me out. The guys main skill is intimidation and diplomacy. And the most of all his composioure, he dos neither feel pain nor fear. I'ts these traits that makes him good at both of these things, and his ability to keep calm in any situation, solving complex problems under the most intence preasure. I would have it rather he is a wis/int character that use those stats for his intimidation and diplomacy. Where his actuall charisma is rather low as he is a horrible people person in general.

-En Muskulös stor biffig man men klädd I så strippiga kläder en strippa inte ens skulle roar vid det. Konstant vägra att skjyla sig på något vis eller ha någon förståelse för andra att han är nästan but naked. Han sloss med en stor maze som liknar mer en dong en något annat. Och förstår inte alls perssoner som tycker det ser underligt eller obseen ut. Han borde vara paladin för någon obskyr och väldigt underlig gud.

-En warior of the more traditional way.

Men, han sloss endast med en kvist, altså inte en stor green eller något annat kraftigt, men en kvist. Som är magisk. Han är kvist expert och letar efter den mast legendariska och awesome kvist där ever was! Tänker mig eventuelt en avisk kharaktär som kan prata I dagar om kvistar och inget annat. Super dryg.

-Bartender, han har dimentional bag to all kinds of ingredients and tools to mix drinks. But the drinks are all alcemy and magic potions as well as alcoholic. His primary attack is throwing things.

-The UPS guy who just wanted to deliver a package to the dungeon, magic tec support that was roped into a adventure after

-Time traveling war forge. Have a secret objective not even he knows... Assassination?

-Old lady having necro shadow puppets inside dolls

-Holy bodyguard

-Holy assassin

-Holy warlock ??? Someone who

-Fantasy super heroes. Everyone is commonday, magic Is truly rare and more or less non existent, alcemy exist in a sort of way or so but that is it. Then suddenly, one though alcemy lab axident, one through being bit by a monster? One a rich duke dressed in clockwork gear, one a actuall wizard and one a being from another realm?

-Alternative, your a magical girl. People just assume your a weird or exxentric wizard or mage. They also think your to young to adventure, even if you tell them you are chosen and stuff.


Have a mook whith boss subtitle presenting him, he freaks out, complainging about it and ask you don't lisen to it.

Apparently it's a thing

-google: D20 to Yuma

-Google livington för awesome life memes
-google: Chronotopia, check the game as it appared to have "investigation mode" as well


Have diablo portal scrolls as usable item. Opens portal to location you are at, (can only have one at the time)

have if library to locate where you are on use to save location, on else: "You hear the profesors voice, there is a time and a place for everything" (from pokemon)

Tatuerings papper för skrivaren? Wish? annan sida??

Sida som gör rub on tatueringar annars. Kostnad??

Kamlas whole back was itching, spite the small box bed had he managed to move around during the night, getting much of the dry bed straws into his shirt.

With a grunting noise he rose from the bed, doing what he could to empty his clothing.

Now already up and above, he walked over to his water basin and the broken mirror in the corner, making his provisional bathroom.

A wash cloth, that most likely was in need of a real wash itself was hanging over a short stool together with his comb, something that was missing more teaths then his grate grandmother and some wax substitute to use for his mustache that smelled mostly of engine grease.

His age, fairly young that was, did not show that on his face, instead most would guess most likely twice that number. Himself included he thought as he examined the deep furrows of worry and tarnished skin from long journeys marring his tanned face. The cold water was welcoming embrace as he slowly washed the nights sweat of his features, slowly working itself down under his clothing. He did not bother undress last night. But mostly as he had no other clothing anyhow nor anything else to use as blanket. While it was not the most fresh of experiences, Kamlas did worry little about such things, he had neither woman to pleas nor friends to care fore. His life on the road was solemn and in no need of fancy living.

The few sounds that could be heard outside the thin wooden doors reminded the Tomtur of the cheep inn he had found and stayed at. While it did not strain his budget to go somewhere with actual linens and something more fresh then a unwashed copper pot to relieve himself in he had always been more comfortable to stay in the places that only the lowest casts usually affiliated themselves with. Though he could not with any honesty tell, neigher to himself as anyone else if it was for his poor upbringing and the piousness that brought, just plain feelings of economic stability or his selflothing that had now haounted him longer then he cared to remember. Most would assume a fair mix of all three and then some. Most people thought of Tomtur's as a complex people, and most ofthen that was true, their whole life layed with intrigue, politics, ambitions and all else that corrupted the living of Khairan. And Kamlas was not much different in that regard. Not that he ofthen spoke of himself to anyone, nor did he belive there was much to discuss anyhow. He had heard the stories of all the famous and infamous, and no mather his internal struggles and wishes for the future did he see little then the outcome that was already staked out from his birth.

Not that anyone would ever hear him complain, he had all the charismatic charms to be polite when needed and humble to those superior. And he had purpous in life, more then many others could say for them. He felt content knowing what was in store from one day to the next, and today that task was to deliver a large crate for the Yo'ham Ne Company. The crate was at the moment safely stored in Kamlas large truck, parked right outside the constibles office where he had payed a handsome due to borrow one of their storage units over the night as he arrived quite late to town, awaiting the company to be able to releave him of the parchel. Normaly he would neighter waste the money on either such frivilious things, but this area was not the most safe when it came to organized crime, and no mather what the other races thought it could be quite rough in the big cities. And this company was not to fool around, he would never in his lifetime be able to work of the worth in that crate, no mather it's content.

After freshing up, taken care of the facial hair, his pride and joy, he put on his blue top hat, made shure it was sitting proper and all hair was tucked inside he left the room, carrying what little belonings he had in a sack on his back. The innkeeper was still at his post, the same that had checked him in the night before, now just much more tiered, most likely about to change chift with whoever worked the morning until evening. Kamlas gave a low bow with his hands turned downwards as he gave his thanks for being able to stay the night. The other tomtur gave a buissniss casual respons, accepting the remining payment for checking Kamlas out before he shouted after a servant. Another tomtur, castles as he was his head was well displayed, he recived orders spoken in harch tones and with animated limbs to clean after the guest. As Kamlas left the building, his mind could not pass up the chanse to reminesense on past days, when he himself had been castles.

While the tomtur was not ashamed of what he had been, before he manage to work himself to the position he now hold, hoever simple that was, he had been nothing, owned nothing. Only thing to guide him forward was the lure of earning his hat, becoming part of his society, not as a servant but as a peer to his fellow kind. While he was still of much a low

It had been good choice to stay the night in the city, with the early rise alongside the sun let him arrive long before the rest of the morning rush of factory workers. And best of all, he was even a day early after burning the midnight oil as he did the night before and drove long into the night. if there ever was something Kamlas was proud of it was his large amount of stamina and tenacity.

The large construct outlining the Yo'ham Ne property was towering large above many smaller buildings around it, blowing out large chugs of black soth and swirling smoke made it only look that much more intimidating. With slow speed he aprotched the docking areas around wearhouses. Large simple shaped buildings stretching into the horizon, containing welth most likely above that of even the largest Humes empire, perhaps all of them together. Kamlas had a somewhat hard time to not feel in awe at such a sight. His truck slowly backed up towards a docking platform where a worker stood waiting pationatly for him. As the tomtur parked the large loud machene he steped out and aprotched the dock worker that only eyed him with a face that spoke of boordome and tiredness. As Kamla aprotched with his hands in position of greetings, the other only flatly replied "Company and cargo?"

The tomtur stoped at the brass question. He had to think for more then a few seconds before he realized what was asked.

"I drive for Red tube exports, it's my own company. The package was left and paid for in advance, the slip only said red bolts and locks."

The other only gave blank stare, clearly not interested in most of what Kamlas had to say, he the slowly turned to the papers in his hands, looking amongst them, one ark at the time. Now and again he looked up to eye the truck driver.

"Red tubes you say?" He finaly said after a long silent wait.

Kamlas could not help himself to clear his throught before he awnsered, "That's me."

Again the other only awnsered with a flat tone, "Your early".

It was hard not to straighten his back with pride as he awnsered "I pride myself with my efficiency."

The factory employee did neigher seem to be impressed nor interested, instead he looked back to his papers for a short while, then he started to leave, "stay here" he said with dismissive comanding voice, clearly not expecting anything else then total obedience.

It took a quite a while, Kamlas was fully unsure of weather or not to unload his cargo, he could see other trucks who slowly arivied with goods both came and went before his handler came back.

Not really making any eyecontact he said with his slow dread voice, "You have been requested to meet up with my employer, someone will come here to unload your cargo in the meanwhile, now follow me."

Again not really with any hint of asking as much as demanding. Not looking to see if Kamlas followed the other tomtur began to leave again, forcing the little driver to hurry after. His brain was tumbling around with the facts of what was happening. He had done nothing wrong, there had been no instructions nor wishes of having the package delivered on a specific time, instead they had only receved a estimate of standard time it would take to have it transported when it was delivered. And who would be unhappy with having their goods to soon?

Kamlas was unsure where to put his hands, as he followed the other tomtur, he had been led through both factory floors and fine coridoors, floored with thick red carpets and pleasant light of the new modern electric kind. After what had felt forever, they had finaly stoped in front of a large well polished oak door, spelling the name "Rhamsus Algraibar Yo'ham".

While the specific name did not tell Kamlas all to much, the tomtur would have to have lost his mind to not recognize the family name,

"So, you are your own man, so to speak..." Rhamsus stod tall over Kamlas, their height not that different. But the different in status alone made the truckdriver feel as small and unimportant as if looking upon an actual giant. Mind you he had never seen an actual giant but he had heard stories.

Darragh was looking out the window at the bar, he always say in the same hidden seat, away from praying eyes and judgemental sneers. His glass contained only water, liquor had little effect on his body, and most of the stuff just tasted shit anyway.

-Man is to head for battle and war, his wife gives him a bottle, filled with three of her tears, blessed by the aspect of life. to keep him safe on his journey. She ask of him to promise her, she ask him to return that he will always be there to protect her.

-His answers is that, he promise by his spirit that he will return, and on his blood that he will always be there to protect her.

-And so he travels far to reach this war, when a stranger meets him, saying that famin and pluage will meet him if he continues, but If he offeres a drop of the vile, he will save him from this, the warior thanks for the warning, but ask that instead his wife will be spared and he can manage himself. The stranger agrees and then the warrior caries on.

-Again he meets a traveler who warns him that if he continue to war, he will on his return surly be robbed and most likey be killed. But for a dropp of the vile the stranger will save him. The warior declines and instead ask that his wife is saved of this fate, the stranger agrees and is given a dropp.

-And so the warior comes to the field, he draws his sword and shield, and joins with his friend and king, fighting with bravery and strength unrivaled by few. This continues through days and continues through nights, and after more then he can remember, his final stroke of the sword, takes the enemy leader life but at the cost of his own.

-As he lied in the mud, feeling the his life slip away, a stranger again came to meet him, taking of their hood, the warior can see. The stranger was someone who has now walked with him the intire time, the pale lady of death. She ask him with a kind voice, that if he wishes to use his last drop to survive his wounds. The warrior shakes his head, and say that even though he manage this, the famin and the robbers will have his head anyhow, and so there is no going back, and instead he ask that his wife is saved by the cold coming winter that soon will be upon them if she is given the last of the drops.

-To this aspect agrees, one life for another is a fee of equal exchange. And so pass the winter, the famin and the roving bandits, all of them passing the house of the wife in piece. But death only say, how cruel of you, to give a promice to always be there, and instead then give her the life that was ment for himself. For in the end, the piece will not last for ever and now he is not there to save her as promised. An oathbreaker sure are the worst.

-But the warior awnser that the son she caries has a piece of him that will continue to protect her even if he was not there. Death complements him for fooling her, saying that he saved two for the price of one even if the cost was his own, that his bravery was higher then any then any mortal man, offering him the life as an aspect of cunning and war.


OTHER IDEAS ::::::::::

-Monsters (at least ones) should mention the stupidity of the way they fight. And mention Mook Chivelary.

-Add priest of many faiths?

-Add barmaid

-Add Beta the Salesman

-Musician (male)

-Male protagonist, the model for male player will be a playable character. He will be every trope on Console RPG cliché list.

   -If he is in your party, all main villains will mistake him for the games hero, and he will instead point to you. Feeling more and more out of place for his lack in the spotlight.
   -He was to meet an mysterious dude in the forest to show him his destiny on the same day you where found. You can get false hint from him what you where doing there. Thinking it was to meet the same dude. He overslept though. Was to go with his girlfriend (who broke up with him)
   -His family used to be rich, but no longer is. He can use any wepon type unlike rest of the followers. All his cloths are sluty. He does not speek of not spoken to? He tried to get a more rediculess hairstyle as he had heard it would make him stronger or something. But his hair is determined to always fall like it does. He only has a first name, unlike rest of cast. Only has a mother. Comes from another village called "Pesant village". Is actually only 15??? even though he looks older, or used to be supersoldier, 18 years old. His villiage will destroyed? Based on quest? Him shouting, "NOOOOOO, my beloved pessant village!!". His preferred wepon is sword though. And to finish his revenge quest towards evil dude blowing up his beloved village, he needs a crazy large sword. He has two siblings? One younger and one older, female and male respectedly? Older brother is the actuall villain, kidnaped the sister? Or joke that he thinks it's their sister, and guy go... "Brother, we don't have a sister...."
   -If he survives to any new game, he will have lost all skills, EQ and other. Starting again.

-Depending on your class, you get different training? Warrior goes to Sensei, clearic trains with Paladin, Macro takes a wizard and rouge goes as well to sensei? No trainer for bard? Or the barmaid will train you? Being an old adventurer?

-Or, just have a throwaway joke, where you suddenly can question, or someone else question what faith you have, and if you do not know and play cleric people go "???" Questioning your faith. (Awnser is that people without faith goes by default into "church of agnostic". And get their "prayers" answered by that Non existing entity.

-Brik joke, someone tells of a disasterous prophesy, and that it will ocure... Right now! ... Psyke, it's first in 23 years (when the second game conclude?) Where you go, then we have plenty of time to prevent it (and then you all "forget"/do other things instead) And it bites the second protagonist in the ass.

-Health Potion addiction?? (or at least until the quest for the ingredients are done) The quest will either be, let it be. Make them stop (reduced healing on hP potions or find a replacement thing that can be used.

-Have someone only be flirted with if you have high enough charisma/intelligence (or both?) And someone only interested if you have enough muscles (Streanght) If you do only have such thgouh potions and clothing, it will be mentioned in the love schene, when they realize that it's "Only in the clothing" and otherwhise they will mention it in the prologe that the relationship ended as you had not been honest.

-Quests that get's to old will either be timeset to dissapare, or better yet, you can send your followers to do the quest. They will then share the loot and xp as a "Finders fee" They will make desitions to clear the quest based on their personality, practal followers will kill the rat while non combatants or other will save the rat. (can send more then one???)


   -Nike, Just do it
   -Lorial, Becourse your worth it
   -Burgerking, It'll Blow your mind (A pinup face? or hemeted, that is about to have a sword sqewer it)
   -Macintosh, Think Different
   -Ikea, assemble Yourself
   -Remington, Riffle Xmas add. (A small child holding a large wepon, Holidays last a lifetime with a Remington 22

Book called "Mixed bathing in another dimention"

Sold through Amazon?

-Wizard techsuport, handles through palantirs, repairman/It kinda guy. Never fought in his life, gets dragged into a group of adventurers and become acostumed to the lifestyle. He tells his parents who are disappointed, his farther most of all, telling the adventure life only leads to agony, and tells a seacret, that he to used to be one before the old arrow to the knee. His mother just thinks it's a fase and he will get over it.

The house upon the hill is "House of Faith", Or rather called by people, house of many faiths. Inside is a concoction of all

the imaginable gods there are, Holy symbols a plently like a horders house, the owner a prieast for each and every religion. His reason he is scared of not reaching the afterlife, and if he joins all religions, then at least one should be right? This is where you go to find your faith? as a healer?

[Any]FandomWikia [D&D blogg]


Google "Snake Game" [Gives snake game]

Google "Solitair" [Gives googles Solitair game]

Google "Atari Breakout" in image serch [Get an Atari Breakout game]

Google "Pac-Man" [Get google pack man game]

Google "minesweeper ie" [One of the top links works, give you minesweeper game] [Dr Who google game]

To do at home

-Set apartment for sale

"What is as bright as the sun, but cast no shadow. As dark as the night, but can not hide a thing. While all the same, can never be seen." It said. Jake thought hard at these words.

"Take your time youngling" The beast continued, his voice rumbling like that of the mountains, deep as the ocean. Yet, there was something smooth as well, calming and reassuring. Jake had never heard that one. He was quite glad with riddles, but the reptile sure was his better. He dared to look up a bit, and was met with ember eyes, with such a clear color he could swear it was glowing. He lowered his eyes again, hoping he did not offend him. "Wile my time is infinite, and I do find you amusing as you stand there fretting, the more of my time you take, as much of my hunger you give. And I must say mortal, you do look appetizing." Jake felt a shiver run through is back, making every little strand of hair stand. What should he do, he had stumbled into the cave by mistake. Homeless as he was, he had found a small opening on the hill side. Though after checking it, he had gotten lost in the dark, until he suddenly tumbled down and landed on this beast, a dragon for crying out loud. Apologizing had not been enough, it had wanted him to clear some tests.

Thinking back on the two other assignments, one had been moving treasure between three circles. But only being allowed to stack the smaller pieces upon the larger, and only moving one at the time. He had manage to do as the dragon asked, or at least he had not been eaten. Nor did the beast kill him after the second task, where it had asked him to tell him a story. A rather unusual request, where he had only been allowed to use a hundred words, no more or less. And not been allowed to keep count. To this he had made it in rhyme like the poets, with a count of five per sentence. He was not completely sure he was correct, but still the lizard had not yet eaten him. Maybe it was already to late, maybe he did have a chance. No mater what, he had to give an answer still. May the goddess save his... Wait, was that it? His thought was dry. "T-t-the soul." He answered quietly. "What was that little thing?" The dragon moved closer, he could almost feel the skin going red from the lizards heat emitted. "Soul!" He said with force larger then he intended. Panicking now that it was all over, the dragon would eat him, he was sure of it. "Oh my, how interesting an answer."

Jake was looking away, or rather his head was turn while his eyes tightly shut, awaiting the inevitable. Then suddenly he heals the soft touch of a hand upon his cheek, though extremely warm, almost feverishly so, its soft and kind. He opens up his eyes, and what meats his gaze, is a woman, dressed in a thin red dress showing of fine curves, long flowing red hair, and those eyes. Ember eyes, with such a clear color he could swear it was glowing. "I think I will keep you for a while, you do seem like such an interesting fellow." Jake swallowed hard, not sure if he was more scared then he had just been before.

Guns a blazing, flash bangs hazing, war is soon upon us.

People running, soldiers gunning, blood is flowing freely.

Fight still going, tear in world is showing, soon there is nothing left at all.

All now quiet, no longer there a riot, everyone is dead now.

How many carots to tame a dragon

until you have 24 carat

There was once a bandit band of three.

A drawf, a human and a thiefling.

Through their territory a caravan once passed by, carrying ritches, enough to set the bandits for life.

They sat hidden by branches above, ready to strike.

The dwarf gleamed at the treasure greedily, whispering that when they got this money, he would by as much ale

he could live on it for the rest of his days.

The theifling was extatic, whispering he would buy a brothel, so he always had company.

The human who was deaf shouted, I'm going to buy...

They all died by crossbow bolts.


Once an orc went to a shoe maker, asking the shoemaker sell him some shoes.

The shoemaker awnsered, I do not make shoes for your kind.

the orc was offended, said as such and then left.

week later he returned, with a poor disgice, trying to look human.

He demanded to be sold some shoes, the shoemaker awnsered, I do not serve your kind.

Furious the Orc shouted and threatened, then left.

Then another week later the Orc returned, his disguise quite better,

asking to be sold some shoes.


Dreamers diary:

   Descrip: A old book with 
   Power: The diary speaks through dreams, showing the memories recorded in the diary. One has to sleep with it under the head to get vivid images, otherwhise one only hears wispers, trying to draw one in. The book wish to tell it's stories.

Urns of animal ashes:

   Descrip: small urns with ashes, made from white marbel. The cap shaped to the head of the animal it contains
   Power: When uncorked, it summons the spirit of the animal and helps it summoner within it's abillite, appares as a specter.

Reversers mirror

   Description: Large mirror, without a frame, or loosly placed in one.
   Power: A mirror that does not show what is reflected, but what is behind it. hiding anything directly behind the mirror

Brass Lock

   Creator: Same as dreamers diary
   Descrip: Brass cylinder with one end rounded, the other flatt with 4 small feats. It seems completely sealed, but inside a constant ticking can be heard.

Drider's gloves

   Descript: Black plate gloves with a red (nymph) rune of spider on the back of both gloves
   Power: When the fingertips touch a surface, it sticks strings to that surface and spins until something ells is touched or cut by using the other glove. The strings can be either sticky and entrapping, or cut like blades.

Scroll of 1000 favors

   Description: A long cloth scroll with decorated iron rod, the entire cloth is covered in runes.
   Power: One can ask the scroll a favor, with a red scorching flash a rune is removed, and the scroll will help you with this favor.

StoneRock's Tooth

   Descrip: Sword made of stone/crystals
   Power: Easily shatters, like spors, the dust of the crystals stick to serfaces and starts to grow, the same if it creates a wound. The crystals grow rather rapidly to some length. Mighty hurtfull and give disadvantedge on defence.

-A odd device that is said to count down to the end of the world? But no vissable signs of counting? (souls from nerby people who die are dragged in, making it glow up and show its numbers and workings inside. The more souls the longer it glows.

-Blank diary, Cannot be written in, destroyed or any thing of the kind. When spilled blood on the liqud trace the characters and show the text.

-A blood dagger, One cut oneself so the blade is coverd by blood, this blood turns poisonus (extra damage) The deeper the cut the more damage bonus it gets (Cursed with addiction for blood??)

-An infinite bag to things that are small (only things in size of coins and other small trinkets may fit)

-Kingslayer (A sword stained red from a king that was killed, unable to wash clean) but never has to be charpened (Extra damage against royalty/Nobels?)

-Helm of Agrond (See curses, not what they are, only That they are. But also see curses where there is none) Somewhat rusty and not completely usable in battle??

-Undead song bird, covered in smelted metal as a cage, decorated with bits of bones. (Can wisper secrets)

When you decide on name, if you make your own and don't pick Zink, they will like your name, but will not be able to pronunse it and will stick to a nickname based on you actions, this can be done anyhow, depending on conversation.

Have joke somewhere when talking with person from your past, so, zin... wait, you haved that changed... Anyhow...

this change if person has changed name on character

Nicknames based on quests or big things, different characters can have different nicknames.

-Easiest way to solve money inflation in games, every town, city, contry or planet have their own currencsy.

You can exange some curensies, but at a loss of course to a fluxuating market. Items can have different values at different places.

That way you cannot grind money in starter village as they might be usless at another place.

-if you flirt, try to date golem. It will state, "Detecting one tries to flirt with golem, warning need to be stated that golem is not recommended as a compatible component to fleshbag.

Other Qests

   -Someone ask you to get a weird haircut (just to make fun of you??)
   -Some sword in stone (king aurtur, mastersword? Sword gets broken?)

Fetch quests

   -Fetch valuable thing that work as door stopper
   -Fetch thing that is on other side of room (due to engine it is done automaticly and most of quest is spent complaing about it) (Tiny reward to??)
   -Fetch quest that leads to new fetch quest in rediculles long chain. (Ending with they had thing all along so they give you the thing to fetch as a reward??)
   -Fetch newsletter/newspaper? (Achevement good boy?? Joke about being a dog? Getting a head loot that is a collar? Racist person gives this??)

Collect Quests

   -potion ingredients
   -letters (something embarising someone lost?) (Princess diary was scattered about, find the pages.)

Slay quests

   -Giant Rat
   -Dragon (kidnapped prinsess to make babies, but is female self and do not understand how it's done. Silly humor when arrive. dragon can become villiger if made friend

Escort quest


Main quest?

   -Bandit toll (With silly signs in area before worning about it (Tool booth?) locks the area to next woods, when first there there is a long line of... cowboys??
   -A stone of questium (to block to north forest.)


-Be assistant
  -1,stat's potion
  -2,Love Potion, 
  -3,dark sight, you see everything with a green tinge. You see beter in the dark
  -4,Poison, you take lose a set amount of HP, if not enough you trigger "die" event and then you are revived in the shop by potion maker. (gives automatic 1 point in poison resistance talent)
  -8,Liquid Food, give a description of being full, like just eating a full meal.

-Potion Deliverer, you are to deliver a potion on timelimit (IRL time) Then the potion lose it's potency

-Link lookalike(Mute due to curse, need help lifting it)

-Main character lookalike dressed in bad disguise? (then actually turns out being another person all together)

-Friendly goblin

-Bar wench (she is secret ninja lookalike, turns out to be sister) Bunny girl/cat girl

-Golem (wish to learn)

-Rumor?(bard/town crier, stands outside of tavern or shop while shouting adds and info)

-Guard Steve?

-One of the band members at the tavern (bard)

-Hairdresser - Goblin

-Carpenter (to make furnature for room) - Main Character lookalike

-Shef (Making food) - Link lookalike

-Gambling den, Golem? (likes statistics and math, and the way he sees it this way people just gives him money)

-Tailor - Goblin

-Churtch, cleric??


-Tattoo parlor - Goblin

This night, let wine and blood flow equal

"How many dwarfs does it take to cross a river of lava?"


"one that swims and one that shouts at the other, Get a move on or are you a fancy pants elf?"

I'm no simple person, I do not make my living by bumping into people.

I am a delegator, I help people to rearrange their things, and then other people to rearrange their newly acquired things, totally legit, I swear upon the god of not to seriously taken oaths.

Have you heard of me? No?

My name is Ob Vious, but at time I also present myself as captain. That being due to me actually being a captain of my own ship, the Normandy. Finest vessel I have ever traveled the ocean with.

Though I digress, somewhat why I not always note my state as captain is due to me not having sailed the ship as of late.

This if course has left many a wondering on why that is, rumors has spread and now there are tales of all kinds out there

of why my ship has not been seen at sea or port for almost four years. Rumors tells of everything from that I lost it in a card game or confiscated by a nation wanting for my life. Now, someone might wonder why I have just not quelshed these traidings of words. Now, the reason is simply I like to hear what stories people make of me. Now my favorite amongst them, mostly as I feel it speaks about my nature is that I was hit by mutiny on my ship.

Throuwn in my own cell on the ship to be handed over for a bounty somewhere, but that I then escaped. Slit the throut of each person getting in my way, and then sank the ship with all my houndreds of men on bord by blowing the blackpowder hold. Surviving by jumping through a gunport and then through "devils" luck paddle to shore on debree as my raft. Some even tell of how it was the name sign of the ship I used and have as a backdrop in my office as a momento. Now, what I mean with this story speaking of my nature, is that I always survive, and that no one. I mean NO ONE. Mess with what is mine.

(someone ask later) "But, how did you lose it?"

As you do with most other things you truly value, to a woman. Finer thieves there never was.

Let me put your mind at ease, I Never tell you everything.

You knew, the old story about eve, the snake and the apple of knowledge...

Hmm, I guess that saying went above your head.

About the god of snakes and goddess of apple farming having a bet they could fool the town blond that the apple tree was magic and granted wisdom?


Hm, guess it's a goblin myth only then...

I was once traped in a mountin villige where their only language they could speak was by quoting their holy scriptures.

While far from the most practical means of communication, it was a most illuminating experience on what little you need in order to get by.

This gives me the strangest sense of dejavu. Do you remember? That fat fellow in crimson robes, Flying raindears and army of murderous gnomes. with his manically laughter? Still, he had the most deep voice, How did that go?


That's the one, Ho ho ho, and let the naughty children be punished for their sins. (aims crossbow)

You might think the thing I value most is gold, wine, my ship or something other material crap.

However, further from the truth it could not be.

Through my exploits and travels I have experience a grate deal, the most harsh was when I died. In fact that has happened more then once, but the time that stay the strongest with me is when I died for a whole four days.

It was after I was brought back that time I truly learned the only real curensy this would have.


No gold or castles could have given me life, but it was loyalty from my partners that made sure I was allowed to breath again.

Though it sure did help that I hold the combination to the safe where all our money and possesions was stored.

So I guess I learned two lessons that day.

But if nothing else, I value loyalty above all else

I swear, on the seventeen goddesses of good wine and fine tobacco that I have NEVER stolen anyting in my life.

Or might they such smite me down with their frivolous bodies of tasty smokes and fluids!



Well, was worth a try.

What? No, this is not how it's done (when someone try to pickpocket him)

Let me show you how it's done.

(Take their money bag)

Good sir, I see you dropped your money, I tell you, I had to run though half the town to catch up to you, my short legs and all. I took the liberty to take the normal finders fee, the rest should still be intact I tell you.

There, you see? Now all parties are happy, and you even followed the law, A true thief leave their benefactors with a smile.

Now boy, I will keep this money, count it as a teachers fee. And may your unlawful behavior bloom.

Game Ideas:

-the Decent (A dungeon delving - darksoul kind of game. When you die, make new character.)

-Fear Escape (Puzzle platform action game, where you play the monster that wish to escape the lab)

-Kingdom (MMO, with all features I ever wanted, all packed in a large city worth the name.)

-CrossRoadInn (RPg parodie)

-Beat the beat (Fitghing game with music ruthem theame.)

-True Detective (Puzzle detective game, randomized crimes where you have time limit to solve it.)

-Slime King (platform metroidvania H game where you try to save the girl and play a slime)

-HeroesClone (Heroes 3 Clone)

-TradegyTravel (VN - You play out an open world story, but after a week you all die in an atomic explosion, then you wake up, at the start of the week. Redoo, do right.)

-FindTheKey (You and 6 others wake with temporary amnesia and confusion in a abandoned building, only way out is heavily locked. Only information is leters written in blood above the door: "The key is inside the killer!"

-Gone (Your friend is gone, you can go there and check the apartment. If you do, slowly you can discover information telling of where he went. You will not like the awnser.)

-FF combat (Classical FF combat, but instead of people standing around looking at each other, there is a real time rendered chaos of what is happening, cut and "filmed" as an action film, pausing the action every time you make menu selections.)


A boy walked through the forest.

There he met a young girl so fair with hair most red like blazing embers and eyes just the same.

He asked, "be you a spirit of the forest my lady?"

She answered with a giggle, like a crackling fire, hihi my boy, a spirit I'm not. I'm just an ordinary girl, looking for a friend.

With that she disappeared into the woods, and the boy continued on. Soon enough he met with a boy, with feet like a goat and head adorned with antlers. He asked him, be you a spirit of the forest sir? And the otherone awnsered:

"hoho, me? No I'm just a normal boy, walking home to my village after playing all morning." And with that he continued into the forest. Soon enough a girl as pale as snow, with hair as clouds and eyes like ice. The little boy asked, "Be ye a spirit of the forest dear lady?"

Her amusement was plain, and her answers with glee, "No I'm just a normal girl, looking for flowers for my mother."

With that the girl left and the boy was alone.

He continued his walk, into the forest more deaply, then he saw them, the children he had reasently met.

The turn towards him, their question comes clean, together they ask, "Are you perhaps the spirit of the forest?"

"No, I am not the boy did awnser, I'm just a regular boy, searching for food and fire wood."

The other giggle again, with somewhat amused grins.

"Then tell us, for how long have you done this?"


Ideas to add:

- "Broken blades do not sing"

- Singing blade, that gain power the more you sing with it. Musical check (group performances multiply effect)

- AFA (Anonyma Feta alfer)

Queen of Hearts by Lipatov on

-Skylla that tattoo's (with someone she is tattooing, a shark perhaps??)

google: webarebears

game to look att:


Renoir - A neat story-driven 2.5D puzzle



You receive the power of time travel, though however there are quite limited to their use and strength. One of the first things you learn of is a murderer who, as you quite early catch on, will kill quite a lot of people. Your options of stopping him is limited as no one will do anything unless he has killed at least one person. After exploring your options, you realize that if you stop him in any way, you will lose your powers after this, what do you do.

a) You let him kill you, having set things up so that he is apprehended right after the kill is made, no other person is to be hurt for this.

b) You let him kill one person, with your powers you can guide him to one specific individual. The one who is the most corrupt/unlawful/horrible of the people he is targeting is the one who will have to take the bullet, afterwards you get the police to intervene and apprehend him.

c) You let him kill one person. To make it as just and fair for all people involved, you let a dice decide, having chance decide who dies instead of you. After the person is dead, you have the police to intervene and apprehend the killer.

d) You kill the person, you have one specific window of opportunity where you can get away with it making it look like an accident and no one will get hurt. But you will have to live with his death on your hands for the rest of your life.

e) Nothing, leave him be as he will be cought eventally and use your powers for something else, their use is much more important then a few local lives and you will be able to do something bigger for others in the long run.

f) You are able to forfeit your powers by traveling back and stop the event that gave you them from the beginning. You have a strong theory that doing so might prevent all the killings all together, though it might be that even more people die instead. The paradox will however remove the memory of everything you learned, preventing you from ever knowing the outcome and do anything about it.

Question 2:

A) Invulnerable and mortal

B) Immortal but vulnerable

C) Both

D) Neither

                                                                          • CHAPTER 1 *********************************

A quiet sound can be heard in the distance, the first to realize it is the elf who's pointy ears catches it sliding across the stone floor with a somewhat gurgling slimy noise.

"Something is coming" The elf whispered to her companions with a tone empesizing danger.

All of them redied their wepons in a quiet maner, preparing for combat.

The sound, slowly moving forward, becoming more massive as it aprotch brings with it a slight shiver to all of them, though no one directly recognize it's origin.

Then from the dark, slimy limbs like that of a octopus crawls forward, shimmering in the lights of the adventurers tortches from it's sticky mucus.


The dwarf rises it's axe, as soon as the first slimy limb lounges itself towards them he brings his edge wepon down with a heavy blow, cutting of the digits with a clean sweep.

A shriek of horror is heard as the beast reacts in pain and frustration, then the beast began it's attack anew, this time with far more ferocity.

The elf tried to parry with her two swords, the first and second strike she manage to deflect, then a third limb manage to twirl around her legs, lifting her into the air.

"Come on! This is ridicules."

"Her sword cuts at the limber extension, while it begins to losen it's grip, another two come to take it's place, hindering her to make any attacks."

"Seariously?! Why do every session we play have to end up being a scene from your anime porn videos?"

"My character would not fall that easily to these kind of attacks!" Rose was fuming with anger, she had slammed her dice hard on the table to point to her bad mood.

Thomas, the game master sitting at the short end of the table looked at her over his dungeon screen. "While you do have the perception and quite good dexterity compared to the others, but your initiative suck and if I may remind you, when we created your character you decided yourself to pick weakness against erotic encounters."

"Also, it's called hentai."

The dungeon master but his hand to his face, "Not helping Josh."

Rose was bending her pen in a dangerly weird angle, "That was to fit her back story, and in what twisted universe does monster tentacles ever count as erotic?"

"It is a highly appreciated fetish amongst many youths, and totally legit as..."

  • snap*

the pen split in half "Shut your flapjack Josh!"

The leader of the group rose slowly and closed his rulebook. "Perhaps this would be a good a place as any to wrap this session up, I do have classes tomorrow quite early and need some prep for that."

The others around the table slowly rose as well, packing up their belongings before they slowly started to assend the stairs from the basement.

Rose was the last to leave together with Thomas, he turned to her before they left, "It's not that I try to single you out on purpous, but you allways tend to play the most over powered characters, if I don't put you in a tight situation now and then it will just ruin it for everyone else."

At that she only gave a sight, staring into the floor with a furrowed brow.

He took a pouse before he continued. "Though I wonder, is that really what you actually have a problem with? you are not usualy this easially agitated? Did something happen?"

At this she could shake her head slowly "It's not something that happened as much as the other way around."

Thomas could only make a suppressed grin at this, "Love troubles?"

"Need a love life to have trouble with it." With that she took her leave and walked out into the corridor. This was the boys door rooms, but unlike some more strict religious schools they did not really bother with late night female visitors here. Though religious institutions would perhaps most likely be more horrified to know they used the basement rooms for playing RPG's about fantasy and monsters.

A clock on the in the empty corridor showed that it was almost eleven in the eavening. She had no early classes in the next day like Thomas, but she saw little reason to turn her sleeping habits upside down for the kicks of It.

As she walked across campus, she looked towards a larger building, the school library, one quite magnifisent place, now closed of course for the night. For a moment she wished to walk over there, but Rose knew that would be both pointless and left for home. "No trouble indeed."

That had of course somewhat been a lie, if nothing else but to herself.

She did have a love life, had have for quite a while, long before she even started to have sex. It did not take long before she left one guy she found a new, sometimes there where even girls. But one thing was always in common, it did never last more then a few weeks at the most. Her friends, most ofthen Thomas, used to tease her for being addicted of faling in love. But in her mind it was rather that she to easily fell in love with the wrong people. Not that everyone she ever dated was evil duchebags or manipulative bitches. But just as often it was people who just said yes to her advances to get in her pants and then left her the next morning. Rose suspected the biggest reason was her willingness to commit. She always was looking for someone to belong with, not that she did not like the casuall trysts and all that, but what she was longing for was companionship.

That search had in the end lead to Charlotte. Or rather, Charlotte had been the beginning of the search. Rose had fallen heads over heals in love with her the moment she saw her pass by in the library where Charlotte worked. But unlike everyone else, it had been onesided from day one, not for Rose lack of trying, but Charlotte always held herself back everytime she asked the girl out for an evening. At first, Rose thought that she just did not swing that way, but then other times she could see how Charlotte stole glances of her, sometimes with a longing look, and whenever she was there with another she could see how there was a tint of sadness in the others eye. And when she told the woman of her brake ups, under the face of understanding there was a sparkle of happiness. In that way their relationship, if one could even call it that, had continued on for a whole year. It was some time now actually from when Rose last had someone, instead she had spent more time then ever at the library, hoping to woo the shy librarian over.

The following morning was no different. After she woke up and picked out one of her favorite dresses, it was quite warm outside and it did go quite well with her pale skin decorated with a starmap of freckles. A ginger curse her mother said, and true was that, her head was covered in long locks of red hair that went all the way down to her back. That and the skirt was quite flatering to her figure as well, curvy and tight as it was.

Skiping breakfast she instead took her belonings and headed for the library, in her purse she had two movie tickets to the new hero action movie that was out. Rose had already seen it twise, but was hoping that it was enough a casuall movie to lure Charlotte out with her.

The sun was quite warm outside, it's sining rays had drawn quite a lott of the campus life outside to enjoy the weather, be it blaying ball, reading a book or just hang out and letting the skin tan like a lobster. Rose complexion had never really made her appreciate that kind of activity, her skin blistered in no time and most ofthen she then rather stay indoors. This had led to her love of books and movies, followed by games and computers together with her friends that draw her deeper and deeper in the geek swamp. Not that she was complaining, her friends had always been the best support no mather the way her life had turned, and she knew that so it would always be... Exept perhaps for Josh, he had always been a bit odd.

The large doors opened with a push, and the welcomeing shade and smell of books welcomed her in a ritch embrace. Looking around she could see that there was no one at the reception at the moment, that happened quite ofthen for such a big place, but Charlotte had mentioned a few times that this place was somewhat understaffed. Instead she headed for the cafeteria, a small extra piece of building that had been added as a small extra wing to the large as a whole, the decore and style of it showed it was both new and horribly out of place. But at least they made for deecent coffy. She took a large cup of something with lots of cofein and little taste of it, as for breakfast she took a lemon custard muffin. it was all put on a small tray which she carried away into the library, there she guided herself amongst the shelves until she found her own favorite place. It was a rather small and hidden alcove next to a color painted window, It was not really that easy to find unless one knew where to look. Of course it had been Charlotte that shown her this place, one of her erliest visits, she had been looking around for a quiet place to study alone and her crush had shown this little piece of heaven. It always had the right temperature no mather how worm or cold it was in the rest of this place, and being far of from all the usually used material it was almost never visited and isolated from any other giggeling girls or brooding teenagers that usually occupied this the library.

Rose sat down and opened her laptop, beginning to write on her essay that she had due to next week. After writing for a about half an houer though she had hit a stop, as per usual she then instead opened her folder of fanfiction pieces she was writing. Not something hevy as much as a hobby to exersice her mind. She had publiced a piece or two but nothing that had recived any traction. A soft swising of skirts could be heard, Rose looked up to see Charlotte round the corner, looking at her with a shy expression. Was she even blushing?

"Hello." She said with a quiet voice, Rose was glad she was sitting down, her knees always getting weak at the sound of that voice. It was as silky lean as her movements, at times, Rose could have sworn she actualy was gliding over the flor rather then walking. It was rather hard to tell, Charlott was always dressed in somewhat old fashioned clothes, or "Gothich Lolita" she belived it to be called. Most of all it was always long heavy skirts, also long sleeves and a high collar, all of it covering most of her bodey. In a way that was just even more alluring thought Rose, like a secret garden, unexplored and unseen by anyone else.

"I have these movie tickets I got from a friend the other day, I'm not sure this is your kind of movie, but perhaps you and I could go together?" Rose could feel her hart drumming in her chest, close to expload in exitment.

Charlottes face was first bright, but then Rose could see that twitch, or if there was something holding her back, and after another few seconds Charlotte was back to her usual quiet demener, "I'm sorry, but I have to work tonight, I can't."

Rose tried to play it cool as her hart sank like the titanic for the hundredth time. "No, that's okey. Work is more important then fun, how else are we to pay the bills ey'?"

At this, Charlotte gave her usuall smile and nod, once again making Rose wish she could just leen forward and kiss her.

Sudenly she realized that Charlotte was talking to her, her eyes had been fixed on those beutifull lips.


"Your phone? I think it's ringing."

Roze looked down on the table to see her smartphone lighting up and vibrate upon the table, the thing showed the name Thomas with large leters.

"Could you wait just a second?" Rose picked up the phone before Charlotte could awnser.

"Kind of bissy." She tried to sound as polite she could, though she was at the same time relieved that the awkward put down was now past, perhaps she still could get another topic started with Charlotte.

"Sorry, I just wanted to say that my classes was canceled today and my sceduelle therefor free, the rest are open as well If your up fore some more game today later?"

Her brain was rolling back and forth with the idea, with Charlotte turning her down she knew there was little else to do, on the other hand she wished then instead to stay here all day hanging, then at least she could be able to see her some if nothing else, but that would just be pathetic and make her depressed as she would remember how she was turned down again.

"Though the usuall place is already taken by some study group so we will have to find someplace else."

"Somewhere to play?" Rose could not come up with anyting directly that would be sutable.

"If your friends need a place to play, how about here?" Charlotte was so quiet that Rose first did not understand she had spoken.


"I didn't want to evesdropp, but if you need a place to stay for today this would work right?" Rose could almost feel her cheeks begun to flush.

"Don't you close though early today? We usually play until rather late."

Charlotte was looking around somewhat nervously, as if she was unsure of what to say. "If it's only you and your friends, then you can stay while I clean today."

Seconds went past as Rose was thinking about what had just been said. Was this Charlotte wanting her to stay longer?

Was there perhaps a chanse after all?

"Well then Thomas, I think your in luck, I have just the place."

"Are you shure this is alright? You wount get in any trouble or anyting?" Thomas appared to be somewhat unsure of the generous offer to let them stay at the library, even more so after closing.

"She said it was okay, stop pestering the girl." Rose gave him a shove, hoping that all his questions would not change the girls mind.

"At least we should offer her a spot in the game then?" At this, Rose hart stuck in her trout.

"N-No that's okay, I'm kind of buissy anyhow." The redhead could not help but give out a sigh at Charlotts response. Unsure how she would stay calm if there had been a yes.

"Th-Though perhaps I can look on for a short bit perhaps?"

Rose was unsure if she heard right, Charlotte was standing with a insecure look on her face. Thomas, completely NOT understanding to his friends mixed feelings only gave her a smile and okay.

Rose was sitting in her chair, though it felt more like it was on sharp shards of glass. Unpacking her dice and papers in order to prepare she had a hard time not instead having her focus consumed by the beauty sitting across the table looking on with a most curious look.

Once everyone is seatteld, they moved their focus to Thomas, Rose with some more difficulty then the rest.

"Now then, any of you remember where we left of?" There was the usual quiet why everyone searched their memories of what happened last.

Samuel looked up from his notes, "We where in the forest dungeon right?"

Lisa was slouching in her chair "We encountered a beast in there right, will we need dice for this by the way?"

"And Rose was molested by tentacles, again." Josh added.

Rose lost her train of thought, wishing she could burry her fist through his mouth. She then saw Charlottes face, her expression puzzled her, Rose was not sure if to just luaghe it off or to express her unhappiness with it.

Thomas though, not waiting for any further discussion to brake out began the session "You are all trapped along the far wall of a corridor with a enormous monster looming over you, It's slippery limbs are crawling along the walls, enganging the lot of you in combat, preventing you to fight the beast's core."

Samuel began shufflening around his paper, "Am I able to see the monster clear enough to cast a petrification spell at it's core."

Rose felt a twinge of irritation, "How about freeing me first then from the tentacle mess so I'm not stuck in here you moron".

"Would I get bonus experience for saving her? After all it would be according to my aligment right?" Josh said while correcting his glasses.

Rose felt more humiliation coming on. "How about I get myself out? Can't I use a hero point to get free?"

Thomas eyed her a few seconds, she know herself how much a waste that would be.

"Shure, I guess you could. Roll your dexterity then."

Her green dice rolled across the table, the result showing she manage. "Sweet, I slash through those disgusting tentacles and land with grace on the floor."

Feeling a rush from the success, Rose looked up, hoping to catch Charlottes reaction, her face though showed something far from what she expected. Was it sadness, was there tears?

"E-e-excuse me..." Her voice quite soft, almost to low to hear "I have to check on the front desk." With that Charlotte moved away with her usual sway though with quite faster pace then normally.

What was that about?

The game continued, though Rose mind was not really present, all the while she looked back, hoping to see Charlotte returning but she never came again. She had of course said she was buissy today with work, so Rose had never thought she actually would stay, but the expression she had before she left still baffled her.

"Well Guys, that's a wrap."

"Huh?!" Rose looked surprised at Thomas.

"I said we call it quits for today, I have more school tomorrow, If I remember so do you and I rather Josh I belive do not want to miss the last train."

Rose looked at her phone on the table that showed the time with dim lit numbers showing "23,00". Where had the time went, Rose reazlied just how distracted she had been.

"Also, I belive your friend wish to close up after us, I'm shure she is finished a long time ago."

The others already done with packing their stuff was about to leave the place. "Right, my friend." Rose stood, still with somewhat hazy mind she shoved with crude movements everything down in her backpack and joined Thomas on their way out.

Thomas looked at her as if hoping she would fill him in on what bothered her, but she was not sure what to say, she normaly had no problems to talk with him. But things had been different with Charlotte, after all that had passed, and all the struggle she had still only fallen deeper in love with the girl. And she new Thomas was not really one who had much more experience with it, his suggestion most ofthen ended with, "If-you-wish-to-say-something,-do-so." policy.

Something that was hard to do in this case. As they passed the entrance hall of the building, Rose could see Charlotte buissy with a few tings, not really making eye contact as they left, Thomas headed there, saying something about them now leaving and thanking for having somewhere to stay.

Rose was unable to look up, feeling somehow cold inside, alienated for some reason she could not explain.

The evening air was brisk and cold tonight, and Rose could almost taste rain in the air, she should hurry home before it started, but instead her mind was completely gone on something else. She barely registered when Thomas said goodbye and went the other direction, instead she continued on with slow steps. She wondered if she should call in sick for tomorrow, as she felt now there was little chase she would be able to get up in the morning, her hand patted the pockets, feeling them empty she started to serch her backpack. Due to no school today it was more or less empty, only her game stuff, laptop and keys, but no phone.

She begun to search her memories, trying to find a recollection of where she last saw the damn thing. When they played, she had it up while checking the time, darn it. Her emotions in complete turmoil of heading back again, most likely had Charlotte locked up and gone home herself. Rose realized she was just standing still, looking at the building. Wait, was there a lit light inside, then perhaps there was still chance. Parts of her screamed internally as she began to walk back, but she ignored it, instead thinking of how she perhaps might get a chance to talk with Charlotte, asking what had happened earlier, sort things out. She came up to the door, tried to look inside but she could not see anyone there. She gave it a light knock, waited for a few seconds but no one came. In a last attempt she pulled on the handle, and the door opened with it. Perhaps Charlotte had forgot to lock after them. She took a quick look around before she headed inside, the library was completely quiet...

-goes to previous writing

-rewrite/add about her realization of what she has done and said, and her guilt of the whole thing.

-continue with text

******************************** CHAPTER 2 **********************************

Rose woke up slowly, her whole bodey feeling heavy but also warm. Her first thought was she had become sick, she shure hoped not. There was something else though, a pleasant smell, it was familiar but she could not place it directly, like something dancing on the tip of her tounge.

Trying to sitt up she suddenly felt cold, looking down at herself Rose realized that she was naked, at that, memories began to swim towards the surface. She was not in her room, she was at Charlottes, again.

After their first time together she had stayed now for... actually, she could hardly remember, they had more or less lived in the bedroom for way to long a time, doing it like rabbits.

Trying to sitt up by the edge of the bed she felt all week in her knees, her whole body was almost acing after what they had done. The memories made her whole face feel hot, if she could see herself she most likely would be blushing harder then she had ever done. Finding her underweare discarded on the floor, she thought of putting them on until she saw how dirty they where, instead she wraped herself in the sheets then slowly moved towards the kitchen.

Again she had to stop when retching the door, the sight inside took the breath away from her. Along a rather large and spacious kitchen she could see Charlotte swaying back and forth as if dancing, unlike her otherwhise modest dressing, she instead now where only a apron, the opening in the back gave quite the show of allure and erotism. Rose began once again to feel hot and bothered. Charlotte's different extra apendeges all helped do different parts of the work, some diced vegetables, others minded the stove, making sure the eggs was not burnt.


Rose suddenly realizing that she was standing there, drooling over her girlfriend, wait, was that even the right lable. After what had happened the last few days though.

Charlotte suddenly turning around saw her standing there, her whole posture froze as if hit with an ice ray.

"I didn't meant to stare!" Rose said with a apologetic voice.

Charlotte looked as if she could not prosses what just happened. Somehow she just looked so cute like this, Rose could not hold back a sly face.

"It's just, your so iresistable, I could not help myself."

A most flatering pink color rose to Charlottes face, she was clearly emberased to be found in this situation. Rose had no issue understanding that, in a way they had much been strangers to eachother just a few days ago, and every second after that changed they spend in bed. Again the memory made Rose week in the knees.

As if Charlotte could smell it on her, her face became slowly more lewd, as if falling into a daze. Rose however was quite unsure she could take any more right this second sobered up quite quickly.

"I- Im sorry." Rose voice seemed to wake Charlotte from her trance.

Instead her face became somewhat sad, perhaps it was even disgust with herself. "No, of course. I-I'm such a horrible person."

Her words struch Rose in the hart like dagers. "No! It's not what I meant, I more then gladly up for more, it's- It's just that I'm kind of..." Her voice trailed of a bit. "...sore. I'f you just let me rest for another hour at least." She could not resist to give her lover a wink.

At this, Charlotte again perked up to her shy self, her face now red as a lobster. "Of- Of course! I'm so sorry, I would never... I-I'm such a dirty girl."

Rose walked up to her friend, lifted her head slowly and looked into her eyes. "But now your my dirty little girl." With those words she placed a kiss on those lovely lips.

She could feel Charlotte almost melting in her arms. Rose could see she had more then room to play the top part as well.

Before they fell into it again thought, she let go of her lover and took a step back, Charlotte still looked to be somewhat out of it. "Your making breakfast?"

"Huh!? Right, I-I am" The Scallia turned around and resumed her work, her face hidden behind her long locks of hair, though the redhead could tell her lady friend was completely out of it with joy.

They sat down at the dinner table, Rose was quite surprised of how normal most of the things looked in the house. There was no actual telling's of it's owner not being fully human, but perhaps there was little reason for it. Except for the extra limbs, Charlotte was in any other regards quite "human". After all, Rose had not seen anything else before indicating that Charlotte was different. Rose had never seen herself as a bigot before, but the suden relazition sure had brought forward something inside her she never thought existed, but efter their union, she felt that whatever dark part existed inside of her, it was now vanquished once and for all.



"Why are you smiling so?" Rose then felt how her mouth was spred in a whide lewd grin, this time it was her turn to blush as hard she ever could.

"I was thinking of... things."

At first she just looked puzzled, then Charlotte joined her in the emotion and they both fidgeted with their food.

"If you wish, the bath should be warm as well, I assume you wish to wash yourself."

"Oh?" Rose had always been somewhat of a tomboy, so people had always treated her as such, somehow Charlotte made her feel like a pampered lady, not that she fully minded.

They finished the food with quiet small talk, of books and other hobbies, both of them feeling like they usually did when Rose visited the library. Only this time there where no barriers, no secrets or uncertainties.

After the meal was finished, something that was better then most restaurant food Rose could remember ever eating she.

Charlotte showed her to the bathroom, this was perhaps the first real big difference Rose had seen. Instead of a normal sized room with a toilet and a shower, at least that was what she was used to, the room was almost as large as the living room. The toilet was something she heard of in japan, a sort of cavity in the floor one had to squat on to go, and the thing beside it she had only heard of in books, something called beday or something. Thought the biggest oddity was bathtub, something that looked more or less like a small pool. Beside it there was a large bathtub, which could just as well be a Jacuzzi for all she knew. Though with what Charlotte was, she could assume this was sort of necessities for her.

"Ill fix the dishes, so just take your time."

Before Charlotte could leave, Rose put a gentle hand on her choulder, then to a surprised skylla, planted a deep and efectionate kiss on her, their toungs entined in a curious and fastly growing hungry westle then Rose withdraw, looking at an ecatic woman in her arms that all but melted.

How one could not fall in love with a look like that was beond her understanding.

Charlottes eyes suddenly regained some focus, "H-have... dicshess..." With that she slid out of the bathroom with a somewhat dizzy sway in her otherwhise gracefull motions, leaving Rose behind the the large room.

The Large pool like thing was empty, but the bathtub was full of what looked like pleasantly warm water, some pleasant fragrance could be felt from the water that had a slight pink shade. Her emediate thoughts again went to Charlotte, her smell that had been over her now, as they had entwined, how intoxicating it had been. The thoughts made her somewhat horny again, before she changed her mind she let go of the blanket she had carried around on and let herself slip down into the warm water. First only with the left foot, as soon as she registerd the temperature she relaxed completely and lowered herself fully, her head resting on one of the short edges where a towel had been placed as a make shift pillow.

It was hard for her to remember when she last had been so relaxed, and perhaps even more so, this happy. Now that the turnmoil of the rejection, the revelation and the reunion was all over, left was the bond she had found with Charlotte, and even though their time together had only been short and mostly carnal, it felt more right then anything else she had ever had. And it was hard to deny that the sex had not been the best either by far, not that her prevous lovers had been bad but it was kind of hard to compare. Her thoughts dwelled on the mather, and soon she began to feel that hot throbbing sensation in her crotch. Memories began again to flood her of the feeling, even though she should be rubbed raw after what was done with her, it was as if she instead had got an itch that was impossible to reach or rub away. Her hand slowly moved through the water towards her now wet spring, slowly carysing the outer rim, not parting the lips as she let her fingers stroke along the opening. Thoughs of how addictive this could be and how she not could play hooky to long was swirling in her mind but melted away in a haste as the pleasure rose. her fingers slowly began to dig in deeper, first one and then another. Even after the "abuse" she had taken the previous night she still felt that tightness within, on one hand she was even wondering if it was not even more so. Some thoughts whent to the slippery goo that had come from her partners extremeties and what influence perhaps they might have had and done with her, not that she complained though. dinging inside with fingers in an upward motion she longed more and more for her partner, hoping for more fun with her instead.


With a violent jolt did Rose stop her actions with a violent movement that made water splash about some.

Without her knowing had Charlotte re entered the room, now standing there with a towel wrapped around her. Her face flusterd with the color of a tomato.

As if to leaving again her hand started to look for the door handle behind her, words of apologies mumbeled in a slur that Rose was unable to hear.

"Don't go..." Rose almost shout out, making Charlotte almost jump on the spot.

"C-Can't you join me?" Rose did almost not know what she was saying, she somehow felt ashamed of being cought tuching herself or was it that she fantasized about the person standing next to her?

Somehow she felt that that she needed to explain herself, but then Charlotte moved closer, her hand slowly reached down into the water, lifting Rose hand up and then leading it in under the towel. First Rose could feel the tentacles underneath, moving slightly away to lead her deeper inside, then she could feel Charlottes moist sex, as if already driping with her thick unusual jouses. Her lover gave her a understanding smile, showing that she two was already fantasizing about their next time. Leting go of Rose hand she undo her towel, showing of her plump and well shaped body. With her usual smoth movements did she slip her harms into the water, one at the time. All the time facing Rose, some water flowed over the edge as she enterd and then settled itself. As if moving with the water she came closer to her friend, pressing herself up against her, slowly tracing kisses along her. Rose had to bite on her finger to not squeal higly in joy, instead only panting pleasant moans to her lovers attacks of affection.

Charlotte moved slowly and patiently up along her bodey until their mouths met, there they kissed with hungry passion.

Rose could feel the others waight and heat of her body upon her, their breast was pressed together while slippery motion of the water and the skyllas skin aroused her quite a deal.

"I-I want to taste you..." Charlotte broke of the kiss with and pleaded with a quiet voice.

Rose was already quite out of it. "Should I stand then? Or..." Charlotte silenced her with a smile that made her hart make an extra beat.

Witout making a sound did Charlotte slip down into the water, submerging head and all. First Rachel became worried, then she felt her lovers first kiss upon her sex. Sparks of exstasy run trough her bodey. Between her parted legs could she see the monster girl give a almost mishevious grin as she began attacking her labia with licks and kisses.

A short lived realization came to her as she rememberd skyllas being underwater creatures was washed by the pleasant fealings of Charlottes pleasant tung attacking her clit, soon joined by fingers and other limbs that started to tuch her now almost burning pussy.

Rose moans ecoed in the large bathroom while her girlfriend worked her lower mouth therowlly with both care and devotion.

She lost track of time of how long she was down there, never coming up for air but once she did Rose belived she had come at least seven times if not more.

Charlotte slid up alongst the other side of the bathtub, resting on it much like Rose did, under the water one could see their lower bodies being tangled up, almost as if Charlottes lower half was about to eat up Rose.

The redhead could feel something warm and almost pulsing against her now already more then warmed up flesh.

The squid girl looked at her with pleading eyes. "May I?" Her voice deep with desire.

A small sadistic part of Rose wished to say no, but the rest of her screamed for more, she was unable to say anything herself, only giving the slightest nod. It was immediately rewarded with a tightening feeling around her lower body as Charlotte dove in, pircing her inner part in one deep quick stroke while filling her up to the brim.

Rose panted a moan that got stuck in her thought, only leaving a odd gurgling grunt, before she got the chance to get new air, had Charlotte retracted and squeezed again. Rose hands tightened hard around the edges of the bathtub, though not needed, the size giving her lover just the right amount of space to pump back and forth with a pulsing motion, without even making a waive on the water surface.

Charlottes slippery member inside of her was quickly building Rose up for an orgasm, her sensitivity was clearly through the roof, and even though it felt like a tighter fit then ever, Charlottes slippery lotion her body secreted made it only a most estatic pleasant experience.

Unable to hold it in any longer, she let out a loud moan as her the first spasms appared, clearly showing she had already toped the charts, but Charlotte, just as before did only continue her steady strokes, her own face in a blizzfull dreamlike state.

Rose already on a good way on to her third climax could then feel how her lovers motions became a bit more rigid and if possible even more gooey showed she was close as well.

"Pleas Charlotte, stain my inside with yours, mark me your." Bearly a wisper did she goad her girlfiend on, almost delirious she did not really know what she was saying.

She could feel though how it triggerd the Skyllia who also made a last deep stroke and released a steady stream of clear liquid inside her. Again could Rose feel how her whole womb almost swelled with the seed, the sensation brought her over the top instantly, making her whole, body quiver in extasy.

"Sorry, even though you just had a bath." Charlotte was all panicing over the mess now dripping out of Rose as she stood in the bathtub and showered instead to get the worst off.

"Stop it with the excuses, I wished for this as much as you. Heck, I gladly do it again right now if I did not have things I need to take care of unless I'm to stay here as your sex slave for the rest of my life."

At that Charlotte just took a dark red shade again all over her face. "Though perhaps that would not be so bad perhaps?" Rose could not help but make fun.

"Dummy! That woun't do at all! I-I really love you, I would never..." Rose Put a finger on her lips to stop her.

"Of course I knew that, though I really do mean it, your the best in the sack by far. Just want to give you a compliment." With that, she sealed the words with a deep kiss.

Charlotte looked like she wanted to say more on the mather but held back.

"Though the bath sure gave me some ideas. Can you breath under the sea as well? If I had a scuba tank we could have some extreme fun If..." Charlotte gave back with the same worth, quieting Rose with a passionate kiss while pressing her up against the wall. Rose was to jokingly protest when she felt something poking her down below, this time it was both holes.

Charlotte had a dangerously naughty face as she asked "May I?"

                                                                          • CHAPTER 3 *********************************

"Are you sure it will be necessary?" Rose lay in the sofa, using Charlotte lap as a pillow while both of them where reading a book.

"I thought you said you wanted to meet my parents?"

Rose did not really meet her eyes "Well, It's just such a long trip. Though mostly I'm worried to make a fool of myself, after all it's kind of a big step for me."

"What do you mean?" Charlotte rose her eyebrow curiously as she put down her book.

"For most humans, meeting the parents are kind of a pre-marige kind of thing, I've never had such a serious relationship before."

At this her girlfiend only awnsered with a soft giggle as she slowly stroked her hair.

"Well, that's how it is I guess for humans, though I don't think you need to worry about such things with my family."

"Perhaps, though that still does not calm my hart you know."

It had been almost a whole year from when they started dating. Rose had also more or less moved in together with Charlotte, only keeping her dorm room as for when her parents visited as she still did not know how to brake it to them that she had started dating a fantasy being. They usually where kind of open minded and knew about her having had a girlfriend or two, but this was just on a whole new scale.

But to start with, Charlotte had then at least wished that they could tell her parents, as they already know about that part and where apparently kind of used to mixed gender relationship due to their peculiar physiology.

Rose had at first just said okay without actually thinking it through, though as the date was drawing closer she had started to get cold feet. It was not that she had come to love her girlfriend any less, just the opposite. But somehow it had swelled in her head to be this big thing as they had already come so long in the relationship, much further in fact then anyting else she had been through. Even two months ago, when she recived her own key to Charlottes place she was squirmy and uncomfortable for a whole week before she started to feel somewhat at home, even though she already stayed there every night.

Charlotte had become much more assertive, as if Rose companionship had removed her doubts of ever being able to be loved had made it easier to love herself as well. Her new friendship with Rose friends as well had helped her a lot to open up as well, even to other new people. Having lead to her joining a book club where she went every weekend, making friends of her own.

Rose herself had in turn finally found some piece. The restless yearning she often felt with so many other of her previous lovers had most often been the end of all her relationships. With Rose she felt at piece, their openness with each other, this mostly influenced from Charlottes possibility to have someone to talk about of her self that she never felt she could share with anyone was contagious, letting Rose share tings, both big and small she might never have told anyone else either, tying a bond between them that only grew deeper for each passing day. Rose herself though blamed the sex as well though, Charlotte being a better lover then anyone else by comparison with her unfair advantages.

But no mather how well their relationship went, it was all new waters for them both, and Rose was in a way becoming the one most scared of the two, letting her love for her girlfriend push her into the deep waters no mather how panicking she was. Though it still was borderline to much to soon she though

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